Isabella Stone

This chick had a deliciously naughty streak in her, so I knew that I couldn't handle her by myself. That was hard to admit, but I brought in some backup. Besides, this white ass was too good not to share, so my best friend got a piece of it too.

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Heidi Mayne

You really have to love fucking - to do this job. I mean, how many other guys would want to fuck a big ass white girl every day, well, okay, not every day, but on the days you need to put a couple of flicks together? These guys, they would want some skinny bitches, right? Not me, I'll take any ass you throw my way, as long as it looks like the one here! I couldn't wait to get my dick between those wet cheeks as soon as she bent over and started soaping up. Getting slippery with this blonde was something I'll always remember, along with her delicious phat white booty...

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Hayley Jade

Hayley Jade started off things by getting her ass squeaky clean in a bubble bath. Then it was time for me to do my magic. I licked that ass, slapped it, and then pounded my dick into her pussy so hard that my balls were getting bounced around all over by her booty.

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Goldie Cox

Goldie doesn't believe in going to the bedroom to fuck. This white whore just takes me right in the bathroom, pushing me down on the floor and getting on top of my dick. It wasn't the most comfortable place in the world to screw, but her sweet as made up for it.

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Gina Corvalli

Gina is a hot little Phat Ass slut that likes her meat dark. Watch her take on this big dick ebony guy from multiple positions, begging for him to stick it in deeper and harder!

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Georgia Peach & Megan Jones

Two chicks are better than one, especially when it's two white women with great asses. They both wanted a turn on my dick, so I just had to share...but then they started playing with each other's asses and getting real freaky to get on my dick.

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Georgia Peach

Georgia might look like some sweet innocent chick, but she's really a wild white whore with a great ass. That works out well for me, especially since she not only has a great ass, she has no problem with me fucking the shit out of it with some interracial anal sex.

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Flower Tucci

Flower is well known for having one of the best white asses I have ever seen. She got it nice and wet for me, and then I just couldn't wait any longer. I bent her over and started pounding in that sweet pussy of hers, loving the sound of my balls slapping against her ass.

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Flower Tucci

Flower loves powerful things in between her legs, whether that means a motorcycle or my dick. We went out by the pool and started getting nasty, laying back on the pool deck and having her ride my dick like a wild woman.

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Emma Heart

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Devon Lee

Devon seemed way too serious at first, but then she poured milk all over her fine white ass. I suppose she does have a sense of humor - or she just thinks she's cereal. Either way I fucked the hell out of her pussy while hanging on to that tight booty of hers.

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Corina Jayden

All the guys love fucking Corina whenever she is scheduled for a photo and video shoot. I got the lucky draw this time and damn, Corina's ass seems to get a little bit bigger each time she walks in the door! She knows how to suck your dick, she knows how to bounce her ass as she rides you stiff cock - Corina is one slut that's pretty damn popular in our studio, and after you watch her ass in action here, she'll be popular in your video collection too!

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China Eyez

I don't know why this chick is called China, nor do I care. The only thing I care about is that this white whore has a fat ass that makes the best slapping noise I have ever heard when my balls are slamming into it. I would frame this booty and keep it on my wall if I could.

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Cherish Ley

With a name like Cherish, you probably think this girl is just another innocent Sunday school assistant teacher. You would be incorrect in that assessment! This bitch can suck the chrome from a trailer hitch and not even smear her lipstick! Watch as she gets buck wild with this big cock black dude and rides him for all that he's worth.

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Cherie Houston

Cherie had that rare white ass that is so perfect you would swear you're looking at a black girl. She also ended up being extremely flexible, which I took full advantage of. Her legs were lifted high in the air, her moans filled up the room, and I just could not believe how fucking hot she was when she was in full orgasm.

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Charlotte Stokely

When this blond whore gets in the tub, it's not to get clean - it's to drive me crazy with her slick and shiny ass. There is no way I would ever be able to resist an ass like that, and she just got on top of me and road me like I was a bucking bull or some shit.

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