Kiara Marie

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Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine has been in the studio a few times and I got the lucky draw this time around to do a scene with her. Loved every minute fucking this horny white girl too! She loves it when a guy tells her to "ride his dick", because then her tits bounce in the guy's face and her ass bounces on his dick! Not that the guys mind, hell no - we love checking out the action and the feel of her booty slapping on our legs as she jiggles all over the place! Man, I love fucking sluts with big butts!

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Kelly Divine

Kelly Devine not only has a cute face, beautiful titties and an appetite for interracial sex that she can never seem to fully satisfy, but she also has a delicious round booty that begs to be fucked every time it jiggles. Watch this chick fuck and suck a big fat black cock and love every minute of it.

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Kayla Marie

Kayla might look like the girl next door at first, but then I started noticing little things about her. Things like her naughty fishnets and super short skirt - it turns out she's just a grade A whore. Now that's just how I like them.

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Kayla Marie

Kayla might have tiny titties but she has a fucking gigantic ass that I made sure to take full advantage of. She got it all nice and wet, so while she was sucking my dick I was just running my hands all over this great ass. She couldn't quite suck my dick the whole way down, though.

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Katrina Kraven

Trina's white ass was hot as hell, and I just had to get my dick on her somehow. Lucky for me she was all about black dick - so I got to see that phat white booty bouncing up and down on my cock for a fucking hour.

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Katja Kassin

Now this is the type of ass that I will dream about day in and day out. It's just one of those incredible booties that leaves you wondering whether you should fuck it or frame it. Me, I prefer to get my hands on it and fuck the hell out of the chick.

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Katja Kassin

Cherry blonds are close enough to pure redheads that I get worried, sometimes. They are always the freakiest of the bunch, so I had no idea what she was going to have me do. We did end up having one hell of a good time, and that pussy of hers was delicious.

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Katie Plays

When this chick wants a good black dick ride, I never say no. There's a really simple reason why - her white ass is pretty much one of the best there is. It's a rare combination of big, yummy, and bouncy that makes it worth the while of putting up with her.

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Karmen Kennedy

Karmen Kennedy, sexy big booty babe seeks horny black guy to fuck - that's how I saw her ad on a forum and I immediately sent her an email asking if she wanted to meet up. I asked if I could see her ass in a close up shot and I'd send her a photo of my stiff dick, she sent me a pic and I just about ended up shooting my load! Damn, this slut is horny and her ass is something I couldn't wait to try. We met and the next thing you know she's telling me she wanted to ride my dick straight into tomorrow! Wait til you see this video and how this phat white booty babe bounces her butt all over the place...

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Kami Andrews

Kami didn't want to go inside, so I just had her laying around on lawn furniture naked so I could get a good view of her perfect ass. It was nice, round, and had just the right amount of jiggle when I slapped it. I don't know about you, but I couldn't resist that shit.

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Kalee Hunter

Whatever and whenever Kalee wants, Kalee gets, because this sexy booty babe knows how to please any and every guy she fucks... so when she came into the office and said she was looking for a couple of black guys to do some scenes with, half the office jumped up and wanted in! I got the lucky straw, so back to work with Kalee and get some good fucking with her hot mouth and even hotter white ass! Like I said before, this chick loves to fuck, and what she wants, she gets - and so did I... one whore with a sexy white ass...

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Kalee Hunter

You want a good time? Give Kalee a call, because this slut has an ass that doesn't quit! You'll want to slap, spank, squeeze, pinch, bounce - you name it - whenever you see her phat white booty walk on by! Then, of course she wears fishnets and heels, and any guy that has control over his rising dick with a girl in fishnets in the room - has my respect! Kalee can fuck like any slut, but her ass is near perfection, and with perfection bouncing on your dick, what more do you need?

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Julia Bond

Julia just couldn't get enough of my black dick, which is fucking fine by me. Her pussy was tight as hell, which surprised me given how many people she's fucked. I would want to share that ass with as many people as possible too, if I had one like that.

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Julia Bond

Julia Bond is freaky and fun - one of my favorite up and coming pornstars to fuck the shit out of. She has an incredible ass, but my favorite part probably ended up being the fact that she can suck dick like a vacuum cleaner. There is no escaping those lips.

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Joclyn Stone

Jocyln Stone, you know who I mean, she's the big-bottom white bitch that can never get enough sex! When I was told my "job" for the day was to fuck this slut, damn if my dick didn't start to rise immediately! Jocyln has this hairy bush, you can't wait to part and dive into, I mean, you love watching your dick enter her forest all the time. Plus, I love tats on a girl, and Jocyln has them all over her big white booty, so every time she gets it doggy style, you can watch it wiggle. She's one big white wet butt, I love getting my hands - and dick inside, and this was one "job" I wouldn't mind doing daily!

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Jenna Red

I don't think that Jenna is a straight up white girl - I suspect she might have a bit of Latina in her. Otherwise, I don't know how she manages to have both an incredible ass and the sex drive that kept me up all night long for about a week.

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Isis Raja

When Isis shakes that phat white booty of hers, every guy in town sees it and wants a taste! She is partial to black guys and you'll see that in this exclusive shoot we got her to perform in just for our lucky members!

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