Marquetta Jewel

Marquetta's slick, bubble covered ass had me waiting in anticipation outside of the bathroom. I couldn't stand it much longer, though, so I ran right in and almost jumped in the tub with her. That booty is just off the hook, especially as wet as it was.

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Mandy Saxo

After Mandy got a taste of black dick, she had to keep coming back for more and more. That's fine by me, because she just blows my mind. I especially love the fact that this booty had the most delicious bouncing I've ever seen, plus she loves getting fucked in it.

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Mandy Saxo

Mandy's ass took my breath away. I'm usually one to admire asses, but this one was on a whole 'nother level. Sure, her face might look a bit rough, but who is really looking at the face of a chick whose ass is among the top 10 in the world?

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Luscious Lopez

Luscious has one of the best asses ever - just get a load of it. Even though I'm sure plenty of people have dumped their loads in this booty over the years. it was still as tight as it comes. I was amazed at her sexual energy - she got on top of me and just started pounding her asshole down.

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Luscious Lopez

This is kinda cheating to include Lopez in here since she is Latina to the core, but hey, do you think I'm going to turn out one of the best asses in the business? I even started off by rimming that ass, which is not something that I normally do.

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Luissa Rosso

Luissa bent over for the camera and I almost busted a nut right there and then. That was one massive fucking ass - I could not believe how fucking hot this ass was, along with the fact that she came over just to get fucked by me. I should set up a drive thru for phat asses hoes...

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Liliane Tiger

Lilian was tattooed but she still had that girl next door look that really turned me on. Although I do have to admit, part of that turn on did have something to do with the fact that her white ass was fat as hell. I loved that shit, especially when she was in doggy style.

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Lauren Phoenix

Lauren is as slutty as they come, with a great ass to match. This is really one of the best white asses I have ever seen, plus she is all for anal. Anal is something that I fucking just love to do, although I would have been happy fucking her any way I could get it.

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Lauren Phoenix

I saw Lauren's ass in a bikini at first, and I had to take a double take because I didn't expect it to be this fucking hot. She wanted some black dick, and I had no problems with pounding the hell out of that sweet fucking pussy.

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Lanny Barbie

Lanny really had it going on - big tits, big ass, and a big mouth. All the better for cock sucking, eh? I already knew she was a crazy slut, because she came right in my house with a full body fishnet stocking on. If that doesn't scream slut, I don't know what does.

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Lana Sky

Lana gets her ass nice and wet outside in the pool, and then she comes inside to get what she really wants - my dick. I let her just bounce up and down my shaft, listening to the noises she keeps on making with every single thrust.

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Kylie Haze

Kylie and her red fishnets just drove me fucking nuts. They framed her white ass perfectly, letting me see just how big and fucking hot it was. I had to have this girl riding on top of my dick right that second - so I got her back to my place and let the fun begin.

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Krystal Jordan

Yeah Krystal is a total ho! this white bitch doesnt even know the meaning of the word no. She sucks and fuck with the best in the biz and she does it here just for you!

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Kitten's ass will make any guy purr, in fact, her luscious apple shaped ass will make any guy extremely horny! Just look at it! When this slut stands there and bends over so you can see her pussy between her legs, admire her curves, your dick will immediately jump to attention, and all you can think about is diving between her cheeks! Enjoy the video and watch this Kitten purr!

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Kirra Lynne

If you want to nail a nice ass, then look no further than right here, because this white booty is one fuckable butt! Look how much it shines, how "slippery when wet" her ass is - now tell me you wouldn't want to start bending this bitch over and fucking her from behind so you can watch her ass bang against your cock as your nuts slap her! Damn, I got to be one lucky black bastard when I fucked her, and watching our video and seeing all these photos of her phat white booty just makes me want to do it again...

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Kirra Lynne

I've had the priviledge of fucking Kirra before, and it was one very good time that I'll always remember. So when she called and asked if we could do it again, hell yea, I ain't one to turn down this sexy ass blond girl! She invited me over, and opened the door wearing this sexy green satin lingerie and those fishnets, and I was instantly sporting a stiff one. Kirra knows how to move her ass very well, and she loves being the one in control and on top. Not that I mind of course, watching her phat white booty bounce up and down is like listening to your favorite music or something, you just don't want it to stop...

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Kimmy Lee & Summer Lynn

Two white chicks with great asses usually means you found a genie that granted you some sort of wish, but I do have to say that these girls were not just a figment of my imagination. I know because I fucked the hell out of both of them at the same time.

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Kimmy Lee

Kimmy might not have the tightest white ass on this site, but she does have one of the biggest. It had a ton of bounce which is always fun when you're fucking her doggy style, and she also had no problem with me just landing a load of jizz right down her crack.

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