Sarah Jay

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Sarah Jay

Sara and her fishnets just overwhelmed me. Her ass was just incredible, and her tits were giant. If I was looking for the perfect woman, it's very possible that she would be at the top of the list - especially after she agreed to anal.

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Sadie Johansen

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Ricki White

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Page Morgan

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Olivia O'Lovely

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Naomi St. Claire

Naomi might be the flattest chested bitch I have ever seen, but she certainly makes up for it in the booty department. She has one hell of an ass, and once she starts shaking it it's like a damn earthquake that won't stop. Let's just say doggy style is required, not an option, with this crazy girl.

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Naomi Russell

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Naomi Russell

Naomi starts things off nice, sucking my dick and putting her pussy and ass in my face. I got to play with it up close and personal the entire time, because this white chick really knew how to move that booty around ot make it the center of sexual attention.

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Miss Lady

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Miss Bunny

Bunny lives up to her name, that's for damn sure. This white apple booty babe would fuck all day and give you a raw dick if you let her, which to some guys would probably sound like a good thing, but I gotta tell you, my dick was ready to have some pussy burn after she kept banging me. Now, not that I mind of course, I love it when a white girl can't get enough of my big black cock... So, Bunny was my lucky lay of the day, and when she bends over, it's no wonder a guy loves looking at this chick from behind - her sexy ass is one very hot sexy ass...

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Mia Rose

I have loved Mia Rose forever. Well, forever since she got in the business. Her ass is one of the best among the white girls, and to have a chance to squeeze it and fuck it was just the time of my life. She seemed to enjoy herself immensely too.

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Megan Reece & Miss Lady

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Megan Jones

Megan has a really cute girl next door look to her, but she also happens to have one hell of an amazing ass. I didn't even manage to get home with her - I just fucked her right there in the middle of the park.

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Mary Anne

Maryann's ass is certainly a thing of beauty - and things of beauty must be appreciated properly. So this would be why I bent her right over and started fucking the hell out of her pussy. My balls slammed into her ass and just drove her crazy.

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Mary Anne

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